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  • Products name: Pedal high frequency welding machine
  • Product Number: H248
  • Added time: 2017-06-26
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Suitable material for this machine:pure PVC、PU、PET、TPU、EVA、PP、APET、PEG、PE、PTE、PTEG or containing PVC of more than 20%,such as leather or cloth.

This machine can used for welding,heating,embossing,sealing,cutting,fusing and etc.

Production:wristband,leather belt,leather product,CD bag,album,glass box,tent,raincoat,toy,band,luggage,shower curtain,carpet,packaging bag,hot water bag,sofa,cushion,cushion embossing,pool,floating mat,air bed,children swimming pool,infusion bag,blood bag,urine bag,automotive cushion,automotive footpad,synthetic leather automotive chair,sun shield,door arm,sports goods,stationery,medical supplies,PVC folding,PVC industrial belt,PVC flexible glue production,PVC album,toothbrush packaging,tool,electronics,blister,shoes,cloth,shag-pile carpet,folding box,card blister packaging,synthetic cloth,leather,soft film packaging.



1.Strong power machine head,adjustable pressure,use level principle to make pressure evenly,match with different thickness welding,with double springs,small leg power,standard pressure,ensure good effect

2.High output,the 27.12MHZ or 40.68MHZ oscallation of this machine meet international standard,different control device special electronic circuit avoid incorrect operation,weld in possible short time,improve production

3.Electric full automatic control,put material,press button,automatic control system with motor limited switch descend,weld,cool off and other operations

4.Pneumatic limited switch contron welding time and cooling time,adjust the set time at random from 0 to 10s

5.High sensitive anti-spark protector:this machine with pressure-tolerant semiconductor special circuit,can test non balanced current before producing saprk,so it can cut off HF current to minimize the risk of damage of mold and material at the moment of producing spark


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