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  • Products name: Non-woven leg bag high frequency automatic forming machine
  • Product Number: H12
  • Added time: 2017-08-10
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This machine is widely used in medical polymer production industry,such as:multilevel non-woven disposable medical bag.


1.Chain design,multilevel material gripping,welding and cutting with separated devices,improve production.

2.With PLC control system,microcomputer touch screen control system,precise action,easy to operate.

3.NL-5557 anti-sparking protect system,high sensitivity3

4.Photoelectricity tracing color system,check and compensate for printing error.

5.Automatic feeding,welding,cutting and collecting,save manpower,improve efficiency.


机型Model RJ-HF8LT-1 RJ-HF15LT-2
高周出力H.F Power 8KW  15KW 
输入功率Input Power 15KVA  25KVA 
振荡频率 Frequency 27.12MHZ  27.12MHZ 
电源电压Voltage 50/60HZ AC380V 3P 50/60HZ AC380V 3P
振荡管Oscillation tube 7T69RB  8T85RB
防火花闸流器Spark tube NL-5557  NL-5557 
加压方式Press way 气压pneumatic 气压pneumatic
气压pneumatic 7kg/cm 2  7kg/cm 2 
最大压力Max.Pressure 1200kg  2000kg 


Feeding way

伺服电机拉片送料 Servo motor 伺服电机拉片送料 Servo motor 
最大送料行程 330mm  600mm 
上下电极间距Gap of electrode 150mm  150mm 
工作行程Working distance 100mm  100mm 
上部定盘尺寸Up board size 300×400mm  300×600mm 
下部定盘尺寸Working plate 400×500mm  400×600mm 
产量Capacity 600-800pcs/hour 1200-1500pcs/hour
处理器Processor PLC触摸屏PLC touch screen PLC触摸屏PLC touch screen
设备外形尺寸Machine Size 3000×2000×1800mm  3800×2000×1800mm 
设备重量Weight 1600kg  1800kg 




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